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Munro's in the Cairngorms National Park

This area is the highest in the UK. Of the eight mountains in Britain over 4000 feet, the Cairngorms National park has seven of them. Ben Nevis the highest mountain in Britain is a number of miles to the south west  but all of the others are here including of course the second highest, Ben Macdui.

The mountains here may not be the most rugged in Scotland but they are a challenge to walk at most times of the year as the weather can change in seconds.

Below is a list of the Cairngorm Mountains and their height and a short description including the appropriate OS Map number. Never, ever, venture up a Scottish mountain without map and compass.

It should be noted that the directions here are not to be used for climbing but are only as a rough guide to whet your appetite. Please buy an appropriate Munro guide book.


Ben Macdui
photo of Ben Macdui by Mick Knapton

The Central Cairngorms

Beinn a' Bhuird 1197m 3927ft OS Sheet 36 NJ092006 (see map and details)
This munro has two tops the most northerly being the highest. Beinn Bhuird is the UK's 11th highest mountain. A good route (but not the only one) is from Braemar, then to Invercauld bridge. From there go up Gleann an t-Slugain to the ruin of a lodge of the same name. From the lodge head up to the south top of the Beinn and then on to the north top.

Ben Avon 1171m 3842ft OS Sheet 36 NJ131018 (see map and details)
The mountain is most commonly reached from Braemar via the Invercauld Bridge and as with Beinn a' Bhuird above on upwards to the ruin of the lodge.

Ben Bhreac 931m 3054ft OS Sheet 36 and 43 NO058971 (see map and details)
Often climbed in conjunction with Beinn a' Chaorainn as they are on the same plateau. This is popularly climbed from the car park near Linn of Dee. Walk along the track towards Derry Lodge for about 5k. Then there is a worn path through the trees (NE) onto the gentle heather slopes. From there its best to use your skill to navigate onto the plateau using compass and OS map.

Beinn a' Chaorainn 1083m 3553ft OS sheet 36 and 43 NJO045013 (see map and details)
See Ben Bhreac above.

Ben Macdui 1309m 4295ft OS sheet 36 and 43 NN989989 (see map and details)
This is the second highest mountain in the British Isles (Nevis of course being the highest) but is the highest of the Cairngorms Park Mountains. Ben Macdui, Carn a' Mhaim  can be climbed together in a good summers day. Park at Linn of Dee and either walk or cycle to Derry Lodge. Cross the Derry Water at the bridge to put you on the north side of Luibeg burn and the west side of Derry Water. Follow the path round until you reach the Lairig Ghru and Luibeg junction. Now follow the path up onto Carn a' Mhaim and then onto Ben Macdui.

Carn a'Mhaim 1037m 3403ft OS sheet 36 and 43 NN994951(see map and details)
See directions above (Ben Macdui) for the route to climb Carn a' Mhaim.

Derry Cairngorm 1155m 3789ft OS sheet 36 and 43 NO017980 (see map and details)
You can climb Derry Cairngom in a long day out and include Carn a'Mhaim, Ben Macdui and then onto Derr Cairngorm See directions for the other two. The direct route is a path up Carn Crom immediately after crossing Derry Water (see directions for Ben Macdui).

Cairn Gorm 1244m 4081ft OS sheet 36 NJ005040 (see map and details)
Quite an uninteresting mountain unless you like skiing, snow fences and ski-tow pylons. It is the 6th highest mountain in the British Isles. The short easy route is to park at the Cairngorm Mountain Ski Centre main car park and choose a root from there.

Beinn Mheadhoin 1182m 3878  OS sheet 36 NJ024016 (see map and details)
This Munro stands high above Loch Etchachan across from Ben MacDui the highest of the Cairngorm Mountains. The shortest route is from the Coire Cas Car Park at the Cairngorm Moutain Ski Centre. There is quite a lot of navigation involved and a lot of undulation and requires good mountain navigation skills.

Bynack More 1090m 3576ft  OS sheet 36 NJ041063 (see map and details)
Bynack More is appears separated from the rest of the Cairngorm mountains by Strath Nethy. The popular way to climb this lovely mountain is from Loch Morlich or nearby Glenmore Lodge where there is ample parking just pass the Lodge. From this area walk along the path (a natural continuation of the road) to the Ryvoan Pass. You will then come to the picturesque Loch Uaine with its Scots Pine backdrop. The track splits about a half kilometre later. Take the track going east (right fork) to Bynack Stable (the site of a long gone corrugated iron hut). Cross the river Nethy here and use the track which ascends up the moors. Eventually at the north plateau you will find an eroded path which leads up the mountain and eventually to the summit.

Braeriach 1296m 4252ft  OS sheet 36 and 43 NN953999 (see map and details)
Braeriach, the third largest mountain in the British Isles, is not just a large mountain in height but also in girth. It is usually climbed from a car park part way up the ski road (See map link above). A path leads down to a footbridge over the Allt Mor then up to the Chalamain Gap then down to the famous Lairig Ghru. Cross the burn then head up to the Sron na Lairige ridge. Afer the summit of Sron na Lairige head down in a southerly direction to a wide bealach (col) then head up to the top of the Coire Bhrochain then west to the summit.

Cairn Toul 1291m 4236ft  OS sheet 36 and 43 NN963972 (see map and details)
The mountains of Cairn Toul, Sgor an Lochain Uaine and The Devils point are quite simply majestic. They can be climbed from Derry Lodge. Follow the path around Luibeg Burn to the Lairig Grhu. From here a couple of  hundred metresafter the junction in the path. Take the bridge crossing to the Corrour Bothy (see map link above) behind the bothy a path winds its way up to a bealach(col) near Devils Point. From here the path leads to Devils point and in the other direction to Cairn Toul and Sgor an Lochain Uaine.

Sgor an Lochain Uaine 1258m 4127ft  OS sheet 36 and 43 NN954976 (see map and details)
See Cairn Toul above.

The Devils Point 1004m 3294ft  OS sheet 36 and 43 NN976951 (see map and details)
See Cairn Toul above.

Mullach Clach a' Bhlair 1019m 3343ft  OS sheet (see map and details)
The next four mountains, Monadh Mor, Beinn Bhrotain, Mullach Clach a' Blair, and Sgor Gaoith can all be climbed from Achlean Car park in Glen Feshie (see the map link from any nof these mountains to find the car park). Take the path from Achlean up onto the highest area at Coire Fhearnagan, then head south across the plateau. You can then join the landrover track which heads to the summit.

Sgor Gaoith 1118m 3668ft  OS sheet 35, 36 and 43 NN882927 (see map and details)
Use the instrucions from Monadh Mor to get to Coire Fhearnagan then head to the top of Carn Bhan Mor. From there it is an easy walk to the summit of Sgor Gaoith.

Monadh Mor 1113m 3652ft  OS sheet 43 NN938942 (see map and details)
From achlean head along the track to Coire Fhearnagan (as in the mountains above) then head south to Loch nan Cnapan then go south east to climb Tom Dubh then follow on to the top of Monadh Mor.

Beinn Bhrotain 1157m 3796ft  OS sheet 43 NN954922 (see map and details)
For Beinn Bhrotain, get to the summit of Monadh More then follow on round to the summit of Beinn Bhrotain.

The North of Pitlochry

Beinn Dearg 1008m 3307ft OS sheet 43 ref NN852777 (see map and details)
This mountain lies north of Blair Atholl and its name means red hill. It is quite a long walk to get to the foot of the peak. There a number of routes but probably the most used is starting from the Glen Tilt Car Park then up Glen Banvie to the bothy beside the burn Allt Sheichean. Further up the mountain you will come across the red scree that give the mountain its name.

Carn a' Chlamain 963m (3159ft) OS sheet 43 ref NN915758 (see map and details)
Park at the Glen Tilt car park then go up the west side road from the river Tilt. Pass Giberts Bridge and Marble Lodge. About 1k further cross the Allt Craoinidh. From there follow the path up the ridge of Carn a' Chlamain.

Carn Liath 975M (3199ft) OS sheet 43 ref NN936698 (see map and details)
One of three munros (Carn Liath, Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, Carn Nan Gabhar) on the mountain known as Beinn a' Ghlo. All three of the mountains can be climbed from the car park at Loch Moraig a few miles from Blair Atholl. Follow the obvious track along the moor past the hut and then up the slopes of Carn Liath. To follow on to the other Munros on Beinn a' Ghlo, just keep following the track. The way back can best be done by following the ridges back.

Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain 1070m (3510ft) OS sheet 43 ref NN945724 (see map and details)
One of three munros (Carn Liath, Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, Carn Nan Gabhar) on the mountain known as Beinn a' Ghlo. For climbing directions see Carn Liath above.

Carn Nan Gabhar 1060M (3478ft) OS sheet 43 ref 971733 (see map and details)
One of three munros (Carn Liath, Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, Carn Nan Gabhar) on the mountain known as Beinn a' Ghlo. For climbing directions see Carn Liath above.

An Sgarsoch 1006m (3301ft) OS sheet 43 ref NN933836  (see map and details)
A remote mountain (normally climbed along with Carn an Fhidhleir). To climb this hill park at the Linn of Dee Car Park (see map link above). Walk or cycle along the north bank of the Dee to White Bridge then on to the ruin of Geldie Lodge. From there head up to An Sgarsoch and then on to Carn an Fhidhleir.

Carn an Fhidhleir 994m (3261ft) OS sheet 43 ref NN904842 (see map and details)
See directions above (An Sgarsoch).

Glas Tulaichean 1051m (3448ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO051760 (see map and details)
Fairly remote mountain usually climbed in conjunction with Carn Righ. Nearest access is from Spittal of Glenshee. Walk or cycle to Dalmunzie House Hotel, or take your car there and pay a fee for the car park. Walk north up the track past the farm and on up past the lodge ruin. Keep on this track and it will take you to the summit of Glas Tulaichean

Carn an Righ 1029m (3376ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO028772 (see map and details)
See directions for Glas Tulaichean above. From that summit continue down the north ridge to join a path passing Mam nan Carn. Turn left and this path summits on Carn an Righ. The return route is to follow that same path down Gleann Taitneach.

Beinn Iutharn Mhor 1045m (3428ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO045792 (see map and details)
Often climbed in conjunction with Carn Bhac. These remote mountains can accessed from Inverey Car Park at the start of the Glen Ey Tracks. Walk or cycle up the glen past Altanour Lodge (approx 8.25km). Identify the Allt Beinn Iutharn and follow it until you reach the slopes that climb up onto Iuthern Beag. From there head up onto Mam Nan Carn and then to the summit of Beinn Iutharn Mhor.

Carn Bhac 946m (3104ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO051832 (see map and details)
Use the directions to the summit of Beinn Iutharn Mohor then head along the north eastern ridge and down to the bealach (col) which then leads up to Carn Bhac via its southerly top. The easiest return route is to head south east and to the AlltanOdhar and back to the ruined Altanour Lodge.

An Socach 944 (3097ft) OS sheet ref NO079799 (see map and details)
From the A93 at the Baddoch Car Park follow the private track up past the Baddoch Cottage. A path from Loch Vrotachan joins the track from the left and another path leads of to the right ( north westerly). Take that right hand path up the slopes of An Soccach.

The Cairnwell 933m (3061ft) OS sheet 43 NO134773 (see map and details)
Climb this mountain with Carn Aosda. There are various ways to do this from the Glenshee Mountain Ski Car Park. Not really worth explaining here as both mountains can be done and back to the car in under an hour and a half. Usually however Carn a' Gheoid can be added too.

Carn Aosda 917m (3009ft) OS sheet 43 NO091762 (see map and details)
See The Cairnwell above.

Carn a' Gheoidh 975m (3199ft) OS sheet 43 NO107767 (see map and details)
See The Cairnwell above.


The Munro's East/south east of Braemar

Glas Maol 1068m (3504ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO167765

Creag Leacach 987m (3238ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO154745

Carn an Tuirc 1019m (3343ft) OS sheet 43 ref NO174804

Cairn of Claise 1064m (3491ft) OS sheet 43 NO185788

Tolmont 958m (3143ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO210800

Tom Buidhe 957m (3140ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO213787

Cairn Bannoch 1012m (3320ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO222825

Broad Cairn 998m (3274ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO240815

Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag 1155m (3789ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO243861

Driesh 947m (3107ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO271735

Mayar 928m (3045ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO240737

Mount Keen 939m (3081ft) OS sheet 44 ref NO409869


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